Shower Musings


There are times in life when you want to scream out loud, shout at the world for being so unfair, for moulding your being into hell. Your cries of pain, your yells of injustice and your pleas for mercy are drowned in the silence you choose to portray.

It is true what they say- the people who are the most silent have the loudest minds.

You want to scream, but your better judgment doesn’t allow you to, forcing you to bury all your pain under layers of forced smiles. Even though you know it kills you to do that. Even though you know there is only so much you can handle. But you’d rather do that then bear the ridicule once.

You are a coward, but then self-preservation is human nature. However, self-preservation is also self-destruction.

Like the ocean, you collect all that fury, all that injustice, dissolving the pain in your being. But there is only so much salt even the ocean can dissolve.

Eventually, there comes a time when you have to let it go, when the small things have accumulated into being big things you simply can’t handle. Like the grains of sand that make a dessert. Like drops of water that make the ocean. Like thousands, millions of cells that make a living organism.

Your bottled anger, your fury comes out when your patience is all used up and you can bear no more. Not in the small forms they accumulated, but in the form of a tsunami, destroying everything in its path.

But even knowing this, you choose to be silent.

Stifle: Daily Prompts

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